Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect” is an older collection of photos, taken with a Polaroid i830 DSD about May 2012. The collection emerged by the odd accident, as I remember, of finding this butterfly, a swallowtail, outside which was barely able to move for lack of warmth. I was surprised that the creature let me hold her, so I took her inside and began taking pictures. She was rather patient with me, allowing me to place her on the book, and on flowers for my photographic pursuits.

Looking back on these pictures, and on the circumstances of their formation, I’m compelled to impose some degree of meaning on the butterfly in context of my life at the time because the butterfly is symbol of transformation, and of the soul. My life, back then, had entered a transitional phase and I was emerging from a period of mental oppression. Like this butterfly, my spirit was out in the cold and could barely move.

There is no ‘salvation’ in this resolution; after taking my pictures I decided it would be best to leave the butterfly outside and leave it to Nature. This, too, seems like the oppression of my spirit, stiff and motionless which was taken in by Fate and used, perhaps for good, then set back into to Nature with a new experience.

These photographs, show the spirit in a ‘natural’ state, a typical ‘butterfly in a flower’ setting (Butterfly IV – II), then the hand of fate changes, not only the flower, but the location (Butterfly I). This experience changes the spirit, and suddenly the spirit searches for sustenance from something else (Book and Butterfly I – III). From this experience, the spirit is introduced to books, and through books a concept of love (amor). Here the visual story ends, and the spirit is left alone, unguided by fate.

My own spirit, from 2012, felt subject to fate and chance. Cast from one event to the next with little regard for my will, and after fate had finished with me I was left on my own. Fate had given my life back into my own hands, and though this was empowering it also meant I had to ‘fly or fail’ and this ending, where the butterfly is returned to Nature, never concludes.


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