Pink And Red (Third Form)

The Explanation

I was reading snippets from John Horgan’s The End of Science for a class I’m taking on Organizational Communication, because I’d decided to write a paper about the “New Science” approach to communication.  I learned, from this book, that the basic idea of the “New Science” approach is that order can emerge from chaos, and the more chaos within a system the more unique the output.

While I was reading The End of Science for that class, I had just finished reading The Awakening by Kate Chopin for my Literary Criticism class and had been obsessing over a line from Chopin that says “and the musky odor of pinks filled the air.”

Combine these two things and suddenly I’m provided with an idea to combine colors and chaos in a single sentence, and so the forms of Pink And Red emerged as an experiment in writing. The basic idea is a repetitive structure where instead of constructing ordered sentences in the standard “noun-verb” format, construct them “Noun-noun-noun-verb-verb-verb” with the variant articles and conjunctions etc. needed provide a continuity.

The result was surprisingly fluid and, according to Microsoft word’s grammar hammer, a correct sentence.  

The final stage was deciding how to organize the ‘poem’; should it be a single paragraph, or divided into poetic lines? I decided to provide both, and may add further renditions later.

I hope you find them interesting,

best regards,



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