The Falling Leaves

So autumn came again this year,
And leaves began to fall, my dear,
Round and round down through the air
And to rest just over there.

However this is not so strange,
Though the leaves do thus arrange,
In blankets, piles, and coverlets
So pretty that one oft’ forgets:

Although the fall with pretty-sweets
Physics still this beauty greets.
Observe you then what Nature’s laws
Explored by human reason draws.

Mayhap this leaf weighed thirteen grams
A meter by the second falling
(Bough to ground five meters speeds)
Obtain the work from these small leads

Understand this referential
To work in energies potential
First the falling speed be squared
And the weight from grams repaired

Learning weight and speed and then
Let them multiplied again
In their product half derived:
Nought point nought nought sixty five

Going then to falling speeds
Learn the height from which it fell
Ending then this weight and height
And multiplied by falling flight

Verily the problem given
Extracts another naught six three se’en
So finds our work is less than few:
Negative naught point five se’en two


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