Dear You: I’m publishing my first novel

Dear You,

Have I told you my first book will be published soon? Well, relatively soon; I’m starting production next month.

This means that I’ll start working with editors, and getting feedback from people who criticize books for a living. They’ll tear apart my grammar, my word choice, my story. Then they’ll offer feedback as though they haven’t just torn my work to little pieces. I imagine my book bleeding red ink, with the horrid fluid just dripping from the pages.  I wonder if this is how some parents feel when they send their child off to college; years of time and energy poured into a single person, then slowly parting from them to let them fend for themselves, and worrying excessively.

It’s nerve wracking- but it’s necessary: what good can a book do for the world kept hidden in a writer’s drawer?

Books must venture out into the world, otherwise the books are not books but private notes. I hope my book does well; like most parents do. I plan to post “verbal pictures” of my child as she goes through editing and matures over the next few months. Ideally, I’ll show snap shots of the changes she’s undergone in the last two years as a sort of preview for potential readers.

I hope all is going well with you and your family,

Your friend,



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