I am afraid. Yes, I: fearful.

I am afraid. Yes, I: fearful.
The smallest noise makes me tearful:
A kitten on a summer lawn
Seems to me a devil’s spawn,
And little poofs of paws and fur
Seem to me a clever lure
Designed to draw me closer in
And their bloody feasts begin.
These are only small, remember,
Lacking weapons to dismember:
Neither teeth, nor vicious claws
Nor vile barbs and gaping jaws-

Those are things I will not mention
They take far too much attention
From the thing that I fear most
More than goblin, grim or ghost
More than crooks and evil men
More than caves and shadowed glen
More than poverty, sin, or vice,
More than plagues from field mice

More than all a host of things
And all the darkest of the beings
What I fear most brings me such stress:
I fear failure and success


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