December: The Production

Dear You,

Production is underway on December and I’ve spoken with my main contact at Tate Publishing. Part of the production process is developing a promotional copy, and so they had me write a “Hook” and “Teaser” to send them. I have those included here, and I’m bound to be hearing from them soon if they have any suggested changes. Until that time, though, here’s a glimpse into what December is all about:

“Cole stood near the pinkish arm chair, this is where it takes place, it is placed here: here and now. Where is that? “Here and now”? Right now it is a living room, white walled, pink furnatured, with a flat screen TV, an old fire place, closed doors. Right now it is Sheila’s living room. Right now the here and now take place in Sheila’s house in Plymouth, England.
December begins on December First in Plymouth, England, and follows the thoughts of Cole Johnson, a young man of 19, as he finishes his term abroad in England then returns and readjusts to life in the United States. Cole’s thoughts guide the reader through December as Cole reflects on the places he’s seen, the people he’s met, his past, and his hopes for the future, drawing him half willingly into questions of faith, morality, and society as he tries to find meaning in the realities unfolding around him.

I hope you’re doing well,

Your friend,



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