Having Breakfast XI

I finish my breakfast and lay the plate aside near my coffee mug. I hit the mug and the liquid covers my desk. The desk is dry. I have the plate in my hand. I lay the plate on the floor beside my chair and drop it too soon. It breaks on the hard-wood floor. I have the plate in my hand. I stand and take my plate to the sink. I return to my desk and take my mug in hand, the cup is too full and I spill coffee. The coffee is frozen. My apartment is warm. I take my mug from its place near my desk and take a drink of warm liquid. My mug is nearly empty. I turn back towards the kitchen and hear the balloon heads laughing, and their strings trailing into the coffee pot. The sketch is on my desk. I turn and go back to the kitchen and pour a fresh cup of coffee. The heads are floating over my desk, then laughing like they’re popping.


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