Faith Can Heal All Wounds

There was once a man who became grievously ill. He was not an old man, nor was he altogether young. Thinking of his fate and his illness, he began to pray and devote his life to God.

Daily he’d pray and he’d attend every church service, he sold his belongings and gave to the poor and he’d pray, “I am ill, save me lord. Heal me.”

Friends he’d known most of his life saw the changes in his life, and they encouraged and told him of doctors and hospitals but the ill man said “God will heal me.” And he’d leave his friend and go pray.

Slowly, his illness grew worse and one day a friend of his came into his house with wonderful news: medical scientists had found an exact cure for his illness! Alas, the man had died and was already before the throne of God, confused and frustrated.

“Lord!” said the man, and he wept as he realized that he had died, “Lord!” he said, “I prayed, I served you and yet I died! Why didn’t you heal me?”

And the Lord, a figure which shone so bright the man could see no features, spoke and said.

“I sent your friends to tell you of medicine. I sent you doctors and counselors who serve me as well, that you may have gone to them and spoke with them that your faith would have deepened. Instead, you secluded yourself and prayed selfishly with a conceited heart, denying your friends and fellow humans opportunity to do kindness.”

The man was silent in heaven, while his body was buried below.


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