Introduction to Observations

Reading. Writing. Read. Written. Wrote. Word upon word upon word forming themselves into books. Thoughts. Ideas. These words preparing the way for future words that describe society as it was in two-thousand-and-eleven. Two. Zero. One. One. Twenty Eleven. Yesterday, last year, next year. Whenever it was or is. There is always another year, each day is a New Year, a full rotation of the globe. Why not celebrate New Year in June? Too simple. Bright Red. There’s more to society than New Years. Thoughts are always jumbled. Idea over idea. Mosaic of Ideas. Leonardo, Dali, Magritte. Painters. Sculptors. Placing ideas in reality. No place for ideas: reality.
Speak aloud and suddenly ideas seem clear, organized. Arranged. We like organization; clear representation of ideas: over simplification.  Support your claims properly: over complication. Each idea has an underlay and overlay of other sub-ideas. Mosaic. Sentences the fragments. Pixels that form the photograph. Pixels. Pieces. Shells are similar. Each shell is its own shell. Beautiful without the others, but together making a full form. Writing is making mosaics of sea-shells. Let each sentence or each idea be a beautiful shell left alone to be picked up by some passerby for a mosaic.
And so, the shells:


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