Dear You: Running Late

Dear You,

I’ve started a rather long letter for you “On Time” which is turning into a lengthy digression on history, and will, I think, turn out to be an excuse for not writing you sooner. Today, though, I’d like to write about running late.

We had a discussion awhile ago about oversleeping, and anxiety and/or panic that comes with waking at the time one usually leaves. My morning has begun as one of those mornings.

My first alarm rang at 4:00am (I’d gone to bed by 10:00pm), and as I turned off the noise I thought “I could get up and make coffee, shower, have breakfast, read awhile then leave for work by 5:25 without having to rush.” then I looked at the green numbers of time and thought “Or I could doze a bit longer, then get up and make coffee, skip the shower, have breakfast, read and leave by 5:25.”

I reset my alarm for 4:30 and dozed off. Of course, one can never have just one snooze, so when that alarm went off at 4:30 I decided to reset for 4:55. “skip coffee, skip the shower, have breakfast, skip reading then leave for work 5:25.”

I should mention, at this point, that my car (I call it ‘Mabel’) hates the cold, and insists that I remove her battery on cold nights if I want her to start on cold mornings. Note that, in my snooze logic, I had forgotten the little detail about the battery.

You can imagine my dismay when, at 5:34, I woke with my ‘internal clock’ and realized three things: 1) I overslept 2) I’m running late, and 3) the battery is in the hall and needs to be re-attached to Mabel. I managed to dress, attach the battery and leave by 5:42. No coffee, shower, breakfast, or reading; just mild panic and resignation.

I did make work on time (my shift starts at 6am), but what remains of the day is yet to be seen; and with temperatures around 32F, wind chill, and the promise of more cold and snow, I’m sure the day and the week will only improve.

Until next time,

Your writer,


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