Dear You: The Wheels Keep Turning

Dear you,

I hope you don’t mind this sudden torrent of letters, but, suddenly, there are things to write about. I mentioned last Friday that I received an email from Marketing about my book, and today I’ve received the final proof. My task now has been perusing the file for blatant errors and spelling, and I’m finding that I’ve written something I’m happy to claim as my first novel.

There’s one segment I think you’ll appreciate, it’s where Cole is convincing himself to speak to an almost stranger on a bus, and he’s struggling with the uncertainty of the situation:

What will happen? Do I really want to talk to him? No, not really, I don’t want to talk. But it will be different. It will be something different from every other day I never stood up and exited my zone of comfort to talk to someone.

He spends a few paragraphs thinking over the situation, and he puts off going over and talking to the guy, Alex, for about five stops. All because Cole is afraid to look silly. I suppose he’s rather introverted. What do you think?

Well, I hope things are going well with you,

Until the previous time,


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