Book Blurbs (The Sex Manual for Puritans by Vernard Eller)

“The Revolution (the Puritan Revolution) is here! It’s happening! And every revolution worth its salt must have a manifesto and a manual. This here is the manifesto, and the pages that follow are the manual. so revolt away!” (page 21, forewarned by Cotten. P. Mathers.)

Book SpineThe Sex Manual for Puritans (1971) is a short book written by Dr. [of Theology] Vernard Eller, complete with three forwards. The book discusses sex and sexuality as a most pleasurable in lifetime commitment (He calls it marriage, but observes that the official license and holy sanction doesn’t guarantee a marriage to be a marriage.).

As Eller writes: “Man’s greatest satisfaction, joy, fulfillment, and usefulness come, not in romping around this world’s playground for a few sort years, but through making the commitments that build him into his proper slot in the universe that is coming to be.” (32)

He goes through his discussion with no small quantity of humor, and finishes with a simple observation:

“To live a lifetime as a sexual being for the sake of a scattering of spasmodic boin-n-ngs hardly seems a climax worthy of the name” (69).

and closes by suggesting his readers go take a nap. A suitable undertaking after a fulfilling read.

(Published through Abingdon Press, New York.)


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