Dear You: I Think I’ll Become a Comedian

Dear You,

I’m graduating college in about a month, so I’ve been reflecting on my past and my future. I’m starting to think I’ll become a comedian. And I don’t mean by choice. I mean that I’ll just be doing serious grown-up things when I’ll suddenly realize I’m a comedian doing stand-up. The change will be slow and imperceptible; I’ll start off doing workshops or short lectures on English and writing, then slowly my audience will expand and then, there it is, I’ve suddenly become a Comedian talking about English and the finer points of Grammar.

I suppose this would be an alright thing to turn into; there are worse things to be –or not to be– which means I’ll accept my fate and keep moving along. My one hope is that I’d at least attain enough notoriety to appear on QI with Stephen Fry someday.

Well, I hope things are going well with you,

Until the Previous Time We Meet,


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