Rocky Road to Dublin: Post II

(Or: a letter of resigned frustration)

I don’t intend to write chronologically. I hardly mean to write logically, yet, strangely, there’s a certain logic to it: things are connected. What I mean to say is that something that happened four weeks ago has real repurcussions today.

Four weeks ago I was in Ireland, Galway in fact, and I had just been paid my monthly student salary. I had to order books for an event on June 8, and I knew I had had to order them yesterday for them to make it in on time. I made a mess of the order. I put money on the wrong card and asked for a different address than is on my file.

I kept my fingers crossed.

The weeks passed and I had returned from Ireland. I was preparing for my book event June 8 in Billings, MT. No books. I kept waiting. No books. The event came and went. Still no books. Now today is June 10, and I need to continue my journey. No books.

But this strange failure is cause for reflection: what could I have done to make the order work? Email the week before to request a post-poned payment? Checked and double checked my card to make sure I had money on the right one?

Any number of things. But this is done and gone, and the sad reality is I have no books. I have, however, learned something for myself: a something I will keep to myself.


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