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Book Blurbs (Evangelpreneur by Josh Tolley)

In Evangelpreneur (2015) Josh Tolley discusses entrepreneurship in the context of Christianity, and defines an Evangelpreneur as “someone who lives his or her life with the focus of spreading God’s kingdom and will through the empowerment He created in free enterprise” (4).by Josh Tolley

The purpose of the book, writes Tolley, is to “look at why I believe being an Evangelpreneur is God’s purpose for believers and how we start down that path” (5). First, Tolley outlines the purpose of entrepreneurship and free enterprise, and offers practical advice with business realities. Next, he he discusses the lies that keep people from entering business, and outlines the risks and benefits of entrepreneurship.

Tolley finishes Evangelpreneur with sections on doing business, doing church, and doing life. Throughout the book, Tolley uses biblical and modern examples to elaborate his point, while discussing more current issues of debt within Churches, and the importance (and inseparability) of Faith in business.

An educational and convicting read, it is written in a way to encourage and admonish Christian readers, while still being accessible to non-believers.

Tolley, Josh. Evangelpreneur: How Biblical Free Enterprise can Empower Your Faith, Family, and Freedom. Dallas: BanBella Books, inc., 2015. Print.

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