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The Pot-stickers are Delightful

I work as a server, and part of my job is to check-back with guests to ensure they are satisfied with their selections. The goal is for each course to be “excellent”, or “phenomenal”, or “delightful”, or virtually anything aside from “good”, “alright”, or, worse, “okay”. This goal in mind, we are trained to ask specifically “Is/are your <food/drink item> __insert descriptor_?”.

This past week I’ve taken to using “delightful” as my descriptor for many items, so it is that, tonight, I approached my guests (a couple celebrating 25 years of marriage), said “Are your pot-stickers delightful so far?”, and initiated a discussion on the usage of “delightful”.

“Reflect on this a moment-” The Husband told me, “A walk on the beach can be delightful, hot coco by a warm fire can be delightful, conversation can be delightful, but potstickers? Yummy, or tasty, or savory, perhaps, but not delightful.”

So it is that the dire importance of word choice has settled more fully in my mind, and I have learned that a childlike sense of joy is part of something being delightful.

Even so, the potstickers are one of my favorite items. They are savory with a hint of ginger, filling without being heavy, tasty and tangy, and, quite simply, yummy. So I will say again of these ravioli-esque nibbles: they are delightful.




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