Finding America: Minimum Wage

I’ve been coming across a number of memes about minimum wage increase in the past couple days. Many point out that a minimum wage increase would create inflated prices and job loss:

Some suggest that the CEO’s and Business Leaders of the world are increasing their wage while letting the hourly employees suffer:

But the main point, I think is this: that cost of living has increased while wages have stayed the same.

I don’t yet know the full story, but I’m certain that raising minimum wage will solve nothing on it’s own.

Instead of asking how to raise minimum wage, we should be asking how we can increase the US Dollar’s value; how we can improve transportation and production to decrease food costs; how we can budget our private finances to live within our means; and how we can live with less waste and more efficiency.

These corporations and the 1% are the product of capitalism: they and/or their predecessors invested and built a massive wealth for themselves. I think we are in the middle of a paradigm shift where we can choose to re-embrace the damning freedom of entrepreneurship, personal responsibility, and self reliance; or continue this trend towards dependence, blame, and self-entitlement.

Personally, I want a USA where the mindset is that of the entrepreneur.


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