Finding America: Love’s Labor Lost

I’ve been reading Fred White’s The Daily Writer (2008) and today’s entry is “Writing As An Act of Love” (59). In this entry, White writes that “Love not only makes the world go ’round, as the cliche goes, it inspires us to go around the world; it makes us care enough about the world to get involved with it, to contemplate its beauty as well as its ugliness, its past glories and future possibilities.”

It strikes me as a bit cheesy, but I think that is half the point. It is this idea that we need to see the world with a higher degree of innocence, that we can’t let experience harden our hearts and build walls where doors belong. It is the human experience, I think, to love and to hate, “to murder and create” as we struggle to understand our place in history.

It is this capacity to love (and in loving to hate), that makes us human. If we lived by logic, like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, or Spock from Star Trek, or Sherlock Holmes, we would lose as much as we gained.


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