Book Blurbs (The Extinction of Evolution by Darek Isaacs)

The Extinction of Evolution by Darek Isaacs (2009) is a short work that takes Evolutionary ideology to logical end. Through the voice of Dr. Iman Oxidant, Isaacs applies Darwinian ideals of Natural selection to society.

Image result for the extinction of evolution “My dear students… We have scripted the Sub-Laws of Evolution, and partaken on its very Fruit. I realize that for some- all women, all inferior races, those of faith, the handicapped and defective, those forcibly impregnated, and those killed for their possessions- the Fruit may have a slightly bitter taste. You can rest assured that it is nature itself that has dictated the predicament in which you find yourself.” (136)

[From Dr. Oxidant’s seminar A Fruit of Evolution: Rise of the Darwinian Leader]

After these seminars, Isaacs explains that his illustration was meant to show the reader that “evolution governs life only though thievery and death” (141), and that the tendency for humans to show compassion towards each other (including complete strangers) is difficult to explain in evolutionary terms.

Instead, Isaacs says that “the world actually resembles the Bible’s account, in which humans are independently made, given dominion, and bestowed an elevated role where our decisions impact the entire globe-for better or worse. We have capabilities for great evil, but we have capabilities for great good. It is the latter that evolution cannot explain” (144)

Isaacs, Darek. The Extinction of Evolution. Bridge-Logos: Alachua. 2009.

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