Portrait of the Artist

It’s taken me awhile to verbalize the driving force of my creative works, less because it’s some complex philosophical contemplation, and more because it loans itself to over-thought and needless complication because, like other artists I’m sure, pride forbids admitting the unimaginative simplicity of inspired creativity.

My work is mainly concerned with structural limitations and how those limitations restrict and enhance meaning.

My photographs usually start when I see a subject I find interesting, and from that initial point I impose meaning and structure over the topic, and/or start comparing it to similar pictures. Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to think of a structure first then apply it to a subject, but usually any meaning or symbolism is applied as an afterthought to the qualities of the subject through a title and write up.

My writing deals with similar structures, mainly because I have to write within the social and literary structures (and the confines of my own knowledge and understanding) which influence the symbolic styles and syntax I use to convey ideas. Like my photography I find an idea for a story, poem, or blog, and then place it within a symbolic structure (or force a structure over it) to emphasize certain traits or situations in hopes of suggesting an overall theme or purpose of the piece.

Naturally, these concepts are subject to failure, misuse, or non-application, but hopefully knowing that symbolic structures are at play in my work will add another layer of interest to my work.

Thank you for reading,



Judah LoVato
LoV-Write Enterprises


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