Maus Represented

Welcome to Maus Represented; a compilation of the various things written by Harold Maus, a man of infinite jest, now lain to rest. He was born September 14, 1992 and died February 3, 2013 leaving behind friends and family, and stacks of unpublished works. These works were left to my care, and the files are transcriptions of the things publishing in memory of that mouse among men: Mr. Harold Arthur Maus.

Currently, there is only one category dedicated to the works of Maus, and that is In Memory of Harold Maus

The organization is simple: I’ve titled all works transcribed from his notes as “Maus Represented:” in accordance to the prophecy (as he termed things), and inserted my own designations after the colon.

The sub-categories are, so far the “Letters Unsent” and the “Fragments”, and these represent some of the letters Maus had written and some of the poetry/prose which seems to be incomplete.



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