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The World is Ending! It’s Over!

Oh, wait- we’re still here.

The election cycle is over, and in two months our 45th President will give his inaugural address, and we can, at last, start to see what manner of President Donald John Trump will be.

Please, take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and calm down.

He’s neither the antichrist nor Hitler reborn; he’s not going to destroy this country any more than Hillary Clinton would. What we’re experiencing is the result of the campaign these two nominees waged: a campaign of slander and bigotry on both sides.

If Trump is a Niagara Falls of mean remarks and nasty names- spewing them constantly by the hour; Clinton was the Old Faithful- gushing from time to time with her own deplorables. It’s little wonder the transition of power is accompanied with protests from the Clinton supporters, and, I’m sure, Clinton would have faced protests as well if had she been elected.

After a year of our candidates brawling in the mud, they seem to have taken the time during the count to wash it off and put on the “good job” face. Clinton ceded, and said “Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead”. While Trump said Clinton “fought hard” and thanked her for her service to this country.

Meanwhile, we citizens who live on the battlegrounds still have mud on our faces. We need to pause. We need to remember that the experiment that is our country forces us to confront opposing views, and that it is our duty to walk a mile in those ill-fitted shoes.

We need to breath- the world is not ending. Our republic is so constructed that executive power is balanced by congressional consent. Yes, the Government is Red- but it’s a red of many tones.

Red or Blue, a full house means we have the opportunity to change our country and defend what we believe is right, and what we believe is good for our country. We will have conflict- but let’s commit to resolving conflict even if our adversary wants to argue.

It is time to turn protests into propositions- how can we improve our nation? Let’s stop being spectators and start being active in our self-government.

When we want change let’s write letters to our congress; let’s propose strategies to improve our lives, and petition our State and federal government for the changes we want to see; let’s move forward together and discuss and consider each other’s views until we know for certain that what we are doing is in the best interest of our country.

We will have the voices we’d rather ignore. The White Nationalists say this campaign has opened doors, and misogynistic minorities think they’ll have leniency in this term to harass women. They have a right to believe what they want to believe, but we have the right to resist them and show them that they are a minority in this country.

Because a country is inseparable from its people- and people are flawed and multifaceted. We, the people, are the country, and any government in place is one that we’ve put there by explicit choice or implicit consent- let’s work to improve our situation, and become involved. “Our constitutional democracy demands our participation, not just every four years, but all the time.”


Dear You: Running Late

Dear You,

I’ve started a rather long letter for you “On Time” which is turning into a lengthy digression on history, and will, I think, turn out to be an excuse for not writing you sooner. Today, though, I’d like to write about running late.

We had a discussion awhile ago about oversleeping, and anxiety and/or panic that comes with waking at the time one usually leaves. My morning has begun as one of those mornings.

My first alarm rang at 4:00am (I’d gone to bed by 10:00pm), and as I turned off the noise I thought “I could get up and make coffee, shower, have breakfast, read awhile then leave for work by 5:25 without having to rush.” then I looked at the green numbers of time and thought “Or I could doze a bit longer, then get up and make coffee, skip the shower, have breakfast, read and leave by 5:25.”

I reset my alarm for 4:30 and dozed off. Of course, one can never have just one snooze, so when that alarm went off at 4:30 I decided to reset for 4:55. “skip coffee, skip the shower, have breakfast, skip reading then leave for work 5:25.”

I should mention, at this point, that my car (I call it ‘Mabel’) hates the cold, and insists that I remove her battery on cold nights if I want her to start on cold mornings. Note that, in my snooze logic, I had forgotten the little detail about the battery.

You can imagine my dismay when, at 5:34, I woke with my ‘internal clock’ and realized three things: 1) I overslept 2) I’m running late, and 3) the battery is in the hall and needs to be re-attached to Mabel. I managed to dress, attach the battery and leave by 5:42. No coffee, shower, breakfast, or reading; just mild panic and resignation.

I did make work on time (my shift starts at 6am), but what remains of the day is yet to be seen; and with temperatures around 32F, wind chill, and the promise of more cold and snow, I’m sure the day and the week will only improve.

Until next time,

Your writer,

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