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Alas, Poor Adam

Alas! Poor adam, who God knew once:
Formed from dust and breath and words!
He was the creature that strolled with God,
Crafted in likeness of the divine-
Humble dust exalted.

Alas, poor adam, (who knew God, once)
Frames himself in cosmic dust!
He calls himself a breeding beast,
Built in the likeness of environment-
Humble dust Evolved

Alas, poor adam, God knew him once:
Flowering grass that gave delight-
The word has lost the meaning
And the Likeness returns to dust

After Awhile

After a while we begin to learn that life is more than molecules

And we learn that science is not salvation

And faith is not ignorance

We begin to learn that bias is human

and that no one sees with objectivity

We begin to learn that life is governed by six billion perspectives,

Each struggling to stand on some common ground

And we begin to learn that no space permits two people

We learn that a standing point cannot be shared

And we learn we really are alone and unique

And we learn to accept our losses as well as our gains

And we learn- and we learn

We learn that wisdom is no safeguard from foolishness

And fate is unused to making plans

And we learn to build on today because the future is insecure in itself

We learn to face our defeats with patience and our triumphs with grace

And we learn to smile through our broken hearts

And after awhile, we learn to live

Response to Superstition

I forgot my keys
A Black Cat crossed my path
So I want to sleep

Maus Represented: An Observation

An observation
The persistence of those few
Who fall low but rise

Lady Dear Lovely

Lady dear lovely, look lazily to me

And smile so tranquil and sweet.

Dare we believe in the idle-ly maybe

Yof strangers who barely could meet?

The Drifting of Waft-Hazy Clouds

Ah, by the drifting of waft-hazy clouds

Plaintive shadows fall faint-slow from above

Over the streets and busy bustle of crowds

Evoking some hearts to sweet mem’ries of love

Moments of lone longing with heavy sighs

Fireside musings of a lover’s eyes

Or other quaint symptoms of this repose

Reducing sweet sen’ments to poetic rows

Mayhap some others with sorrowful eyes

Yearn on in silence without dreary sighs

Daring to dream of a far deeper love

Enclosed somewhere hidden from peering crowds

A way far beyond in the heavens above

Reclined in the drifting of waft-hazy clouds

How Pretty Are The Fallings Leaves

How pretty are the falling leaves
Which faint as wind blows by
Even as the willow grieves
And trees begin to cry
Though their boughs are born away
And snow falls o’er barren stave
Night is but a part of day
And cold is warmth the fire gave
So take the boughs and drying leaves
And lay them with our memories
Which this sleepy thought retrieves
Then edging close to warmer be
Staying safe from winter breeze
As snow descends on land and trees

Limerick on the Civil War

Though we wanted to fight without gore
We failed and fought a long war
Now the slaves are all free
And by God it may be
That we’ll heal without suff’ring more.

I am afraid. Yes, I: fearful.

I am afraid. Yes, I: fearful.
The smallest noise makes me tearful:
A kitten on a summer lawn
Seems to me a devil’s spawn,
And little poofs of paws and fur
Seem to me a clever lure
Designed to draw me closer in
And their bloody feasts begin.
These are only small, remember,
Lacking weapons to dismember:
Neither teeth, nor vicious claws
Nor vile barbs and gaping jaws-

Those are things I will not mention
They take far too much attention
From the thing that I fear most
More than goblin, grim or ghost
More than crooks and evil men
More than caves and shadowed glen
More than poverty, sin, or vice,
More than plagues from field mice

More than all a host of things
And all the darkest of the beings
What I fear most brings me such stress:
I fear failure and success

I’ll Live A While Longer

I guess I’ll live a while longer
Knowing that I will grow stronger
Nothing is the greatest bliss
Offer me not a good night kiss
Would you suffer with him now
Nettles, briars on your brow
Or would you go to hills and hide
Taking with you foolish pride
Turn back turn back and go to him
He’ll forgive you of your sin
Embrace you in his loving arms
And let you start again
Now nothing lingers of that life
Sorrow sins and woe and strife
Were washed away by Him
Erased and forgiven by His
Resurrection after death

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